Developers use Coactive because delivering apps for the business is easier and faster than ever before. They still retain full developer control, but now they can benefit from IRAD (Interactive Rapid App Development. IRAD makes ongoing updates much simpler and faster. Robust APIs and integrations to enterprise systems make a full digital transformation for the business much more realistic. 


Business Managers

Business Managers use Coactive because it helps cut costs and drive efficiencies in their business. Now they can speak the same language as their developers – no more ‘lost in translation’. As their business needs change, revisions and updates are delivered without any costly downtime or negative business impact.



CIOs use Coactive because our fully integrated all-in-one platform enables them to have an entirely holistic view of how their business is on track with their digital transformation roadmap. Coactive allows businesses to ‘work freely’ in an environment without risking data integrity, security, and availability. Our platform is a ‘safe place’ for businesses to self-serve. Planning and control of business IT resources has never been easier. 



CTOs use Coactive because of its extreme elegance in design and standardization. Managing business applications, enterprise systems and driving digital transformation through the business to sustain its technology requirements in the future can be more easily managed. Powerful security features, SSO and simplified data management are all critical concerns shared by CTOs that are answered through Coactive.